Jaycee Dugard daughters photos now

Everyone wants to see Jaycee Dugard daughters photos. Jaycee Dugard daughters are hot searches on the internet. Everyone wants to see them and know as to whether they look like Jaycee Dugard looked when she was abducted.

Jaycee was among beautiful kids like most American kids look when she was eleven. We have not seen her photographs so far as police and her family have refused to issue any photograph thus far.

Jaycee Dugard, her kids and her mother have also not appeared before the media as yet and there is very remote possibility that she will talk to the press in foreseeable future.
The sort of life she was forced to lead for the eighteen long years and undergo all sorts of humiliations at the hands of her abductor and stay as his sex slave can be something that will take years to heal.

I just pray that the little Jaycee that her family knew of till eighteen years ago is again able to enjoy her life and put her life back on track.

Her kids are also in a very bad condition. They were never allowed to attend school or visit hospitals. They are in a very disadvantaged condition and would take years to behave as normal kids.

Everyone now wants to ensure that her rapist and his wife who helped her beastly husband to enslave a small cute girl must be given the harshest of punishments.

But really do we have a punishment for such crimes? I near not.

No amount of imprisoning him, or even a death penalty can do justice with the crime that he committed on a small child for 18 long years

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