Moving To My New House

I have never imagine in my mind before to duty outside the city, two days ago the board of directors holds meeting to discuss opening of new offices in a small town with a population less than 1000 people. According to the city 5 years from now will be the basis of economic growth with millions of U.S. dollars, for it is from now on they have prepare it. There was a serious debate in the meeting, who will lead the new branch, two main candidates are chosen, me and my friends, because together we have the experience and credibility that can be relied upon. Decision determined by vote and 60% in the room chose me. Departure time is determined next week to removal quotes.

I immediately returned to my home to put as the more narrow the time, many private goods and equipment that must be packed to move to a new home office. Because I will not be possible to complete all in one week, I try to contact an old friend who use a service company for the transfer of goods for phone number. Then I contact the company and negotiate the price and outgoing time, they will provide man and van to move all the stuff that I have to my new house with secure conditions, they also had an offer a home to rent in that town with cheap price and maintenance service every month as bonuses. Time of departure finally came, 3 car needed to move all the goods and within 3 hours we finally arrived to the destination.

When I was busy with my stuff, one of the company's services workers meet me and give me his name card just in case if in the future I need their service again. On the card was also mentioned that they service removal company with a competitive price and satisfactory service. After all finished I pay the remaining lack of payment has been agreed. I am satisfied with their performance because none of the goods moved damaged. If you intend to move house or rent a new home have a good idea to try to contact them on 0845 371 6532 or visit their website at moveme.com

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