What Can I Do With My Money

Perhaps many some of us are doesn't realize where money that we get with hard work go and expire off hand. Today we get monthly salary, tomorrow our head dizzy caused by money that store in bank account has decreased considerably drastic and surprisingly this incident repeat all the time and still not make us aware to try to repair it. Time has come for you to use your money wisely so can make your life better then yesterday

There are 5 points that I think you can do with your money, I try this till now and there is make big different to my financial condition:

  1. Savings. For beginning, save 10% of your money from monthly salary to different bank account, separate it.
  2. Charity. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are Philanthropy that donate a part of their income for social activity passes their foundation. But if you do not has money as much as both of them, separate out 2.5% from monthly salary as beginning is good step.
  3. Insurance. It is better for you to has Insurance to save your expenditure, although policy payment is done monthly, try 10% from salary to separated out for this insurance expense.
  4. For Living/month cost. This is including eats, electricity bill, telephone bill, gas, internet bill, and other contingency.
  5. Investment. Choose correct investment program appropriate finance condition. try to use money that really special for investment, in case if there is something happen and out of control with investment program whom you follow, the mentioned will not disturb your finance everyday.
I hope this 5 points can help you to be more appreciate with your money and use it wisely for better live.

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